RF Connectivity.


Eagantu develops passive RF components based on a patented

Asymmetric Coupled Networks (ACoN™) technology.

Our products feature a disruptive combination of performance and cost,

redefining RF Front End capabilities.


Typical passive RF components are built with single, bulky architectures, e.g.

  • SAW/BAW filters and duplexers make use of piezoelectric materials with acoustic wave resonation

This imposes intrinsic, electromagnetic limitations on major KPIs

  • Bandwidth vs. rejection and frequency range support in filters

  • Isolation in circulators and couplers

ACoN™ is a disruptive and patented RF technology that eliminates these limitations by breaking the device functionality into a network of uniquely coupled transmission lines, creating a micro-system that:

  • Has no dependency on specific material properties

  • Bypasses a prohibitive IPR landscape

  • Features ultra-low-cost using high-volume, standard materials (PCB/LTCC) and manufacturing processes




Filters based on acoustic-wave resonance (such as SAW/BAW) are the de-facto solution today for cellular and WiFi applications. These filters however suffer from intrinsic frequency, bandwidth and power limitations.

Eagantu's ACoN™ filters on the other hand, are based on a drastically different technology and hence are not subject to the same limitations: 

  • Wide frequency range of 600MHz - 100GHz

  • Wide and flexible bandwidth, unrelated to the center frequency

  • Steep rejection and low insertion loss

  • Enables embedding filters in a module substrate

  • High power rating of up to 25W

  • Manufactured in high-volume, low cost and standard manufacturing processes

Circulators based on typical architectures are bulky, complex and expensive devices. They are mostly used in applications which are less sensitive to physical dimensions and cost. Conventional circulators also offer limited isolation, in the range of 20-25dB.

Eagantu's ACoN™ launches circulator into a different and much broader market-place - mobile.

Packed in a low profile package, and featuring exceptionally high isolation and wide bandwidth, Eagantu offers the industry's first miniature circulators that are capable of replacing groups of filters and duplexers in mobile devices, resulting in significant cost savings and RF Front End complexity reduction: 

  • Wide frequency range of 1GHz to 28GHz

  • Wide bandwidth

  • Isolation of up to 45dB

  • <1mm profile 

  • Manufactured in high-volume, low cost and standard manufacturing processes